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  National Seminar Innovative Process Technology for Sustainable Development | Date : 23rd - 24th February 2018
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Dr. Hira Lal Roy
The Founding Father of Chemical Engineering education and research in India, Dr. Hira Lal Roy fulfilled one of his treasured dreams in establishing in Calcutta, the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers in 1947, a professional body and Dr. G. P. Kane from Bombay (Mumbai) and Dr. M. A. Govinda Rao from Madras (Chennai) represented IIChE that time, ensuring all India character of the Institute. It has now come a long way since. Today with approximately 23,000 members on its roll, the Institute has emerged as an important national platform overseeing the interest of academics and the industry in multifarious fields of Chemical Engineering. Its activities are spread across the country through its HQ and 34 Regional Centres as well as 94 Students Chapters.

In 1958, the Council of the Institute formed the first two Regional Centres, one in Calcutta and the other in Bombay in order to enlarge and encourage professional activities in the country. Mr. Atul Chandra Dutta who established Gypsum and Zinc Mining in Rajasthan was elected the First Chairman of Calcutta Regional Centre and Prof. K. C. Roy Chowdhry, Professor of Chemical Engineering; Jadavpur University accepted the position of the Secretary.
The members of the centre contributed to great extent in establishing the administration of the Headquarters by serving in the council as Office Bearers, especially as Secretary and Treasurer which are very responsible honorary positions, consuming their academic and professional time. The stalwarts of the Calcutta Regional Centre spent their time and effort to raise Funds towards the construction of the Headquarter building in Calcutta. It would be no exaggeration to say that it was the result of Dr. Roy's foresight and persistent effort that the Institute became what it is today.

The CRC owes special gratitude to all its past Chairmen and Secretaries for their immense contributions for its growth.

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